Multidisciplinary engineering company

operating in the fields of Mechanical, Alternative/Renewableenergy, Petrochemicaland Pharmaceutical.

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Why should you choose Oikos?
Here four good reasons to do it


The highly specialized Oikos staff, in collaboration with a network of qualified and consolidated professionals over time, guarantees technical competence of absolute excellence capable of developing engineering activities required by our customers at every level.


With a smart organization, Oikos is able to modify and adapt its work process to that of the client in order to quickly align objectives, integrate work teams and create effective and efficient synergies

Quick and reliable execution times

Competence and flexibility allow Oikos to optimize the development times of the work process, aiming at the timing of execution even for the most challenging projects

Economic competitiveness

Competence, flexibility and respect for project execution times translate into an economic competitive advantage for both Oikos and the customer: put us to the test

About us

OIKOS borns in 2022 from the experience of the founding partners who, together with a network of collaborators, guarantee competence and reliability in the development of multi-disciplinary engineering activities.

OIKOS in ancient Greek (οἶκος) means family – house understood as the basic unit of ancient Greek society and organizational model of work activities.

With the name OIKOS, the founding members want to take up the meaning of this term to enhance and strengthen the relationship between the employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers of the Company.


Basic Design (BD)

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Project management (PM)

Research Development Prototyping (RDP)

Detail Engineering (DE)


The main references of the founding members concern activities carried out  in the pharma petrochemical – oil & gas, Renewable Energies and Vertical Wind Tunnels for human flight sectors.

Multidisciplinary engineering company operating in the fields of Mechanical, Alternative/Renewable energy, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical.

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Administrative headquarters
Via Veneto, 116 – 74121 Taranto

Operational Headquarters
Via Verga, 4 – 44124 Ferrara
Via Lucania, 90 – 74121 Taranto